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Cowgirl Necklace Cowgirls Don't Cry
Cowgirl NecklaceCowgirls Don't Cry

A cowgirl is a beautiful women with dirt on her necklace. Wait I don't mean her necklace is dirty......she is.....NO, not like that....get your mind outta the gutter. Great sales pitch eh?

Hammered Copper pendent on a copper necklace with turquois highlights.



Ma Ma Tried Necklace Very Large Steel Cut out of Horse and Windmill
Ma Ma Tried NecklaceVery Large Steel Cut out of Horse and Windmill

Mama tried hammered copper with turquois accent color.

Cut from a solid piece of steel plate this hanging is large at 47 inches wide and 20 inches tall.  Thats just shy of 4 feet across. Would look wonderful in any room in your home, in the barn or outside.